12 November 2012

Mother Nature and Me

I never thought I'd say this, but I have become a bit of a naturist. No, I haven't suddenly started walking around town starkers, but rather I've realised how beautiful nature is.

I've just arrived home from an early evening walk all by myself, and I feel like Wordsworth. Picture this: 
I'm taking a stroll on a crisp but relatively mild autumn evening, vivid shades of red and orange are blanketing the paths as the trees shed their leaves, and flocks of birds are swooping through the cornflower blue sky which is slowly fading to purple and then orange as the sun gets ready to sleep and make way for the stars. 
Yeah, so Wordsworth has nothing to worry about quite yet...

I also managed to time my walk so that Laurent (one of the teachers that takes me to and from the college every Tuesday) drove past me and proceeded to get out of his car, give me the standard kiss, and talk to me in his deep mumbly voice which I rarely understand, where I just smiled enthusiastically and made noises like I knew what he was talking about. Then towards the end of my walk I hear someone calling my name, so I turn around and see that Laurent is now talking to me out of an upstairs window of what must be his house, then rushes downstairs and out the front door and into the road to talk to me further. He's a babe really, but not having spoken or listened to French for the past fortnight means that conversing in the foreign language is not particularly desirable right now.

Throughout the rest of this post, please enjoy my photos of all things God-created.

In other news, I'M GOING TO PARIS!! And I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm going to stay with Tamsin who studies music with me at uni, and she's currently doing a year at the gorgeous Sorbonne University in "La Ville-Lumiere". I shall be there in 2 weekends time, when the Christmas lights will be on, so I am very very much looking forward to that.

And FINALLY my CAF (like a kind of housing benefit) has been sorted, meaning that my 440€ monthly rent is now only 100€. Winning.

To conclude, today marked the final day of the holidays for me, so I am back to work tomorrow...meaning that you should expect a fed-up and frustrated Mademoiselle Melle in the next post.


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