15 December 2012

6 days until I'm home...

This time next week I'll be back in England!! Food, family, friends, I cannot wait. Doing lessons on 'Christmas' this week at school and therefore showing them pictures of an English Christmas Dinner is making the wait even more difficult than before!

However, I've had a very enjoyable week as always. I worked a total of 4 hours, which were all on the same day, so I'm currently enjoying a 5-day weekend which has given me lots of time to do Christmas shopping.

I finally had another night out last night. Mike organised a big assistant Christmas party meet-up in La Rochelle, so I got to meet a few more people, and actually go to the first club since I've been in France. Spending the day there as well as the night allowed us to walk around a bit (although the weather couldn't have been grimmer), eat galettes and crepes, drink vin chaud, and see another Christmas market. Getting under 4 hours sleep and having to get the 9:30 train back to Niort this morning was the only downside, but it was great to get out again and experience La Rochelle by night.
Pretty lights underneath the Grosse Horloge
Christmas market
Festive illuminations on the Hotel de Ville 
Aw, that's cute :)
Les meufs
Mike and I were rather excited about today, as for the past week Melle has been highly advertising its For-One-Day-Only Christmas market. So we went along hoping it to be really buzzing and festive but expecting it to be a let-down (as after all this is Melle). Having now experienced it, all I can say is that it was rather odd. A Christmas market in Melle apparently means the inclusion of random ponies giving a new kind of Melle Smell; health-and-safety defying giant spider chimeneas casually burning ferociously in the middle of the walkway; a mini art exhibition; and a posh version of a school Christmas fayre but in an 11th century church. Aww Melle.

A blazing tarantula
Stalls inside St-Savinien church

 And I have been thoroughly enjoying my Christmas pasta.

I realise how terribly dull this post is; I'm so tired and uninspired but thought I should update it....

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