29 January 2013

The night I got into a Frenchman's béret

I've been holding off blogging until I have something vaguely interesting to blog about. This 'vaguely interesting' event is yet to materialise, however I feel the need to write something nonetheless. One of the main factors for the limited excitement in my recent life is the weather. I feel like I am back in England; it has rained and rained. And when it rains I hide away. What's particularly annoying is this morning I was talking to Dominique and she said these past few months have been exceptionally wet. Anyway, I'll stop being English and moaning about the weather.  

In fact, I lied when I said I'd done nothing at all interesting this week. Friday night was fun. It was the monthly 'club' night at the Café, which Mike and I had put in the diary ages ago after having had such a crazy time last time we went (and missing the 2 subsequent months' offerings due to being either in Paris or England). With it having been my birthday the week before, Mike and I saw this as a good opportunity to try and get the other assistants down to Melle for the first time and allow them to experience a night out like no other. Flu sweeping its way through the Niort assistants meant that only myself, Mike, Aurelie, Alfredo and Lewis were present, but this didn't stop Melle from delivering another great night. I think I may have witnessed even crazier dancing than before, and my night year was made when Béret Man not only posed for a photo with me, but LET ME WEAR HIS BÉRET.

I mean, just this photo with the man, the myth, the legend
would have made me a very happy girl...
...but this just surpassed all my childhood dreams.
In other news, Mike and Alfredo have a new roomie in the shape of a Polonaise called Agneshka or Anaiskha or something of that nature. I met her for the first time last week for a drink and she seems lovely and fun. So another young adult in Melle to hang out with and speak French with is a very welcome arrival!

And on that note, I think I'm going to turn in early and read some more French. Buona notte xox

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