28 September 2012

Melle est belle...

After a slight disorientation when my alarm woke me up, wondering where on earth I was, reality struck me once again. Yes, you now live in France. On opening the shutters (yes, shutters, not curtains; I’m definitely on the Continent!), I was greeted with glorious sunshine, so I decided that I should without doubt go and explore my new town today.

So, Melle basically consists of Romanesque churches and hairdressers. I think I’ve already discovered my favourite spot here; it’s outside one of the gorgeous churches, and I just sat there on my own in the lovely weather contemplating life. 
Here it is, l’église Sainte-Hilaire:

Eglise Saint-Hilaire

After another disastrous mealtime as a result of my lack of kitchen equipment, and thus producing a pile of yellow mush that should have been eggy bread, I was excited to hear that I would later be brought a load of pans, plates and cutlery that previous assistants left behind. Sure enough, I now have a fully kitted out kitchen, with not one but two hand blenders!! Very. Excited.

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