27 September 2012

Je suis arrivée!

Oh. My. God. I’m on my Year Abroad. The most important year of my life is actually upon me. Parents and boyfriend have left me, and I’m all alone in a huge flat en France. Mum and dad have bought me some food, so I won’t starve just yet, and I’ve finished unpacking.

My flat

So, where am I? Well, I’m living in a town called Melle, which is about halfway down the country in the west. Due to it being closer to the equator than Blighty, I was hoping for a bit of sun before autumn comes, but all it’s done so far since we popped out of the tunnel sous la Manche is rain. And rain.

Here’s a map if you ever fancy dropping by:

Biggest challenge of the day was most definitely cooking dinner with only a pressure cooker and a sundae spoon. It was slow progress, but nonetheless I was sufficiently nourished. 

Day 1 survived, check.

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