29 September 2012

Smelly Melly

God I’m exhausted, I don’t know how 9-5ers do it! Had my first day at one of the schools I’ll be teaching in, and I didn’t even do any teaching, just sat and ‘observed’. I was quite horrified though when one pupil, in preparing a presentation on Angleterre, began a list of famous English people with One Direction. Seriously?! I later got a lot of pleasure, however, in telling a cocky French teenager that I could in fact understand him after he had proclaimed to the class that I was jolie because he thought I didn’t speak any French. His face was priceless.

On a more serious note, I have never had to understand and speak so much French in one day. The English teacher, Sandrine, refused to speak to me in English, so I am now totally Frenched-out. No idea how I’m going to survive 9 months of this.

I also learnt today that Melle was nicknamed Smelly Melly by previous assistants, and in walking out my front door, it was easy to see - no, smell - why. Apparently it’s the chemical factories down the road. Okay, so perhaps Melle is not quite as belle as I’d initially thought.

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