01 October 2012

A beautiful realisation

Who said Monday is the worst day of the week?! On the contrary I’ve had a lovely day. The fact that I’m not working on Mondays might have something to do with it I suppose…

I woke up to another beautiful day, with a list of errands for the day. I needed to go to the office de tourisme as I still didn’t have a map of the town, collect a letter from the post office, and go shopping for food. Having faffed around as usual in the morning, I didn’t make it out till about midday. Once again I had forgotten that every single establishment closes down for lunch in France. Arriving at the post office, I found it had closed 9 minutes ago, my trip to the tourist office following suit. Putains!

I ended up, however, wandering around the town a bit more, discovering even more little roads and alleys, visiting inside the churches, and falling in love with the town. 

Une rue Melloise

I can now say that I am so happy to have been placed in this part of the country, in such an historic and picturesque town. It may be a bit out in the sticks and lacking in people my age, but it is so typically French, and there are certain areas where I could happily sit for hours admiring the scenery.

Eglise Saint-Savinien
It’s going to be a good year, I feel.

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