02 October 2012

Au collège

Today marked my first official day as une assistante, and as I awoke to my 06:45 wake up call, I won’t deny I was slightly nervous. I really didn’t have anything to worry about though; the teachers were all so friendly despite my difficulty in understanding them sometimes, and the kids were lovely and really well-behaved. I didn’t have to do any teaching just yet, but was instead subjected to a Q&A session from 5 different groups of children. I think the most complicated question I had to deal with ‘Who is your favourite celebrity’; although I was a bit taken aback when a boy asked me if my parents are divorced.

It will be more of a challenge when it comes to having a more proactive role in the classroom, but I’m really looking forward to working with the pupils over the coming months and hopefully witnessing an improvement in their language proficiency.

I also (finally) set up my French bank account today, so I can get paid, yay! Absolutely no idea what the bank person was telling me as I signed about 20 different documents, my first proper taste of the good ol' French bureaucracy, but I trust it’s all legal as my supervisor was there with me throughout the meeting.

Not a particularly interesting day in terms of blogging potential, but I now have no work for a week, so who knows what adventures I’ll have until then! Stay tuned, mes amis!

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