05 October 2012

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork...

Now I understand the extent to which everybody detests French administration. Instead of having a lie-in on my day off and finally getting to the market in town, I had to wake up at 6:45 in order to get a lift to the lycée, where I have now been for almost 4 hours trying to work out what documents I need to send off to get paid, as well as struggling to figure out how I should receive my social security number, which is compulsory if living in France. Anyway, after a whole morning of having teachers phone around, photocopying paperwork, reading advice online etc., we’ve ended up guessing what we should send off in the hope that I will receive some sort of payment.

I realise I haven’t blogged for 2 days; Wednesday was rather uneventful apart from signing up at the local médiateque so I can take out French books and DVDs for the year, and yesterday was spent in Poitiers along with all the other assistants in the Académie de Poitiers, for an induction course.

The initial challenge of the day had been how we were going to get to Poitiers for 9am, what with the public transport option meaning that we’d have had to take the 5.55am bus from Melle. Luckily, the other assistant in Melle, Mike, found a carshare to and from Poitiers at the right times for us. It worked out brilliantly, especially considering it only cost us 4€ each for the round trip.

The day in general though was pretty boring, with its focus being on administrative necessities. However, it was great being able to meet the other assistants and find out who else is living relatively near to me, as well as getting out of Melle and seeing a bit of Poitiers.

Poitier's Hotel de Ville

So overall not a particularly exciting few days, in fact it’s been quite frustrating, but tonight I’m hoping to go to a games night at the Café du Boulevard which takes place on the first Friday of every month. Hopefully that will be fun and I’ll meet some more French people. I shall let you know how it goes!

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